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Milwaukee Irish Fest: August 19th-22nd

Jane Anderson, President, Milwaukee Irish Fest

Visitors browsing at the Discovery Glass Stand in Milwaukee

 Having been invited to demonstrate and exhibit my craft at the Moore Street cultural area of the Milwaukee Irish Fest in August I am delighted to say that I had a very positive and rewarding experience. No goods were damaged in transit and everything went smoothly at U.S. customs. 

The weather was fantastic (save for a thunderstorm and flooding on my first evening of the fest) which brought out an amazing number of dragonflies. I think they were my welcoming committee! I even spotted a car with the registration of DRGNFLY! 

My work was very well received and I met a host of lovely visitors at my stand where I also promoted Northern Ireland and distributed lots of copies of the Ards Borough Visitor Guide. 

Many, many thanks to Jane, Barbara, Bridget and Joe for all their help. The work the volunteers put in is absolutely tremendous and I appreciate all the support and practical help I was willingly given.