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I created a small memorial panel in stained glass which had hand painted line work, matting and silver stain.



I have just completed the eight awards for the prestigious Northern Ireland CIPD Awards Ceremony held at the Ulster Museum in May. I also created six “thank you” glass items which CIPD presented to the panel of judges. My design which represents human jig-saw pieces, symbolises the importance of every individual’s contribution to the HGH workplace, where harmony and productivity are paramount. The art glass in the CIPD corporate colours was cut by hand and fused in two separate firings in the glass kiln. Each intricate jig-saw motif was formed from a white Spectrum “Spirit” glass and each is as individual as every member of an organisation.


What do you give as a wedding present when there are three in a marriage? (the bride, the groom and a dog)

This unusual “horseshoe” was the thoughtful gift from Elizabeth to her brother and new sister-in-law with more than a nod to Leo the dog!

The image is hand  painted on amber waterglass and kil-fired.


Tiara for New York Rose of Trallee

I am regularly commissioned to make specific pieces for events and organisations. Examples are:-

  • Jewellery for RTE’s 1999 Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Tiara for the New York Rose of Tralee Pageant.
  • Dementia Society Awards
  • Ards Business Excellence Awards
  • Heart of Ards Awards
  • Internal windows for the WWT Castle Espie
  • Arizona Cavalcade panel in  Ards Borough Council.
  • Commemorative panel in  City Hall, Peoria, Arizona


Examples of commissions I have created are shown below.

If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements please contact me at